Site Info

I have tried to keep this web site informal, and hope you will find it interesting.  

Since this is an “About Me”, I humbly beg the reader to forgive the self-aggrandizing. WordPress is so easy to use I get a little carried away…. but prefer it to traditional social media sites…

Feel free to contact me if you want me to expand on or correct anything.

I like to run my own web server, mostly to keep up with current developments in server technology and because I am a cheapskate and hate paying monthly fees. It is currently a Debian Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) server running WordPress on a pair of Raspberry Pi with a USB SSD for storage, connected using a fiber optic PON access line and dynamic DNS. Because of all the usual network attacks from Asia and Eastern Europe I have implemented strong geo blocks, and currently block China, Russia, India, VietNam, etc. I used this brut force method as I am too lazy to manage use of the ever changing blacklists. I have also implemented firewall features to protect ssh remote login etc. To support https I use the ISRG Let’s Encrypt stuff and their nice Certbot installer script. I currently support five or six sites on this one little guy that cost me $35 and my annual domain name registration fee of $15 or so.

Here is my little Pi (clear box), the SSD (blue box) and the power supply (black box). Runs for years without a reboot except for software updates. I keep a second mirror copy as a backup. My own High Availability server 🙂 and uses just a few watts of power!