Email: thomas(at)
Web site:
Cell: +1 218 269 1198 (If I don’t pickup, please ring again within a minute or two after leaving a message)
Time zone: Central Time
Fax: manual by prior arrangement
Cell phone voice mail is emailed to me using Google Voice, so I get the text and audio almost immediately on my cell phone (T-Mobile, world wide) or laptop.
I check my email frequently no matter where I am. 
SMS and Apple iMessage: I prefer iMessage if you are an iPhone sort of user, because it is end-to-end secure
Social Media: You can find me on Linkedin and Facebook (which I don’t like or use much)
Apple FaceTime: Feel free to call, use my email address or cell phone number
Skype name: full name w/middle initial no spaces, lower case (I don’t always have Skype running, so send an email ahead)

Thomas C. Jacobson
14912 S Whitefish Lk Rd
Gordon, WI 54838 USA