Some Early Computer and Networking projects


Fixing surplus CDC computer stuff in my basement, and then designed, built, and programmed computers from discrete TTL logic mounted in CDC cabinets (home made computer, 1972).



Manufactured and sold 50 microcomputer kits with my college roommate (before Apple), based on intel  8080 chipsets (J&J 8080, 1975);




Designed and built instrumentation for Lunar Sample Analysis lab (using J&J 8080)




Developed a computer terminal for the blind with another roommate, (opticon terminal, 1977);




Designed Z80 based local area network w/business plan to form a LAN company (NIB, 1979);




Designed PDP-11 Unibus X.25 network front end using WD2511 chips, 1981;




Not to mention many other crazy projects and hacks such as an I/O channel interface for the CDC 7600 supercomputer with another friend, obtained and supported microcomputer cross compilers from Intel as a service on UofM mainframes, 8 port terminal multiplexer, home made FSK modems, interfacing a surplus Calcomp plotter, interfacing an IBM selectric as a printer to type my school papers, trying to revive a surplus B52 X band radar, to name just a few that come to mind.