The link below points to a pdf of some Impress slides outlining a low cost ($100 per receiver), fast (up to 80Mbps), solar powered (4Watt receiver) content delivery network for the One Laptop Per Child project. With a monthly cost of around 25 cents/student in large deployments it could be implemented immediately, and is complementary to other Internet connectivity such as Wifi mesh, data-mule, or two-way satellite. 

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Ubiquitous Content Overlay by Satellite

Pages 1-43 of this pdf contains full size slides, pages 44-96 contains slides w/notes (best to read)

This is still a draft. After perusing it, please feel free to offer your thoughts by email. I would very much like to hear them.

I had intended to do a version 2 that gets down to actual satellite link budgets, and exact costs, etc. based on a traffic model and deployment scenario, but at this point the community has shown little interest, and I need feedback and perhaps a little debate from people out in the OLPC community to keep me on course.

thomas (at) tcjnet.com