Other Work and Interests


Formative Early Work

My experience began before microcomputers, when I designed, built, and programmed computers and controller(s) from discrete TTL MSI logic (home made computer) around 1972. In college I manufactured 50 microcomputers with my roommate, based on intel 8008 and 8080 chipsets (J&J 8080), 1975; developed a computer terminal for the blind with another roommate, (opticon terminal) 1977; did a Z80 based local area network interface controllers & business plan to form a LAN company (NIB), 1979; and designed and built PDP-11 Unibus X.25 network front end using WD2511 chips, 1980. Not to mention many other crazy projects and hacks such as an I/O channel interface for the CDC 7600 supercomputer with another friend, microcomputer cross compilers and monitor software development, 8 port async terminal multiplexer, home made FSK modems, reviving a surplus B52 X band radar, etc., and development of microcomputer controllers and interfaces for solid source mass spectrometers (where I met my wife who was doing a post doc), to name a few.

Interesting tid-bit: Apollo 12 & 13

I missed quite a bit of my senior year of high school, doing many trips for the UofMN Atmospheric  Electricity research program. At the age of 17, I made several trips for the UofMN to Cape Kennedy during the launch of Apollo 12 and 13 to launch instrumented balloons, and was among the first to suggest to NASA metrological officials why the Saturn V was hit by lighting during launch. Besides these adventures to KSC, I was asked to fly our instrumented ballon packages during the solar eclipse of March 1970 from Nantucket island, and also during the largest non-nuclear explosion that was staged in Medicine Hat in July.

My Picturephone

I was enthusastic about the picturephone…. It helped shape my view that the Internet should be a vehicle for human collaboration… details here.

Recent Projects

I have been involved with several startups, and interested in the development of new satellite IP networks using DVB-S2 adaptive coding together with application layer FEC and next gen video coding.  I have also been exploring implications of the impending OTT paradigm shift and what that will mean to traditional broadcast operators, and to related technologies in areas such as rights management and metadata.

I have had a long term interest in exploring how to build low cost satellite infrastructure to support educational projects such as the MIT OLPC XO laptop… XOSAT