Goals and Aspirations

Like Gutenberg’s printing press before it, the Internet is nothing less than revolutionary. I am committed to contributing to its development and use. However I am also mindful, as Philo T. Farnsworth an early inventor of Television said, that the best thing about TV these days is the “off switch”.

I have been inspired by entrepreneurs such as Cyrus Field, who persevered in building the first transatlantic telegraph cable in 1866, and take the lesson from them that in addition to experience and ability, success is born from persistence, tolerance, and enthusiasm.

And by Arthur C. Clark and his vision of telecommunications in the future: Clark Quote

Some say I am a good teacher. I believe in the Socratic method of teaching and persuasion, and in many of the tenants expressed in the recent “Total Quality” initiatives.

I have been known to beg, buy, borrow, build, steal, organize and do, whatever is necessary to drive a worthy project to fruition.

I believe while positional authority might be good for an army, real loyalty and authority is earned. As a member of a hierarchical team, I hope to earn it from those I lead, and to enjoy the leadership of those above.

The Internet was built step-by-step and by trial and error of the best, carefully developed, ideas. There is no shortcut, and anyone who claims to have some definitive idea is suspect. I like the IETF motto, “rough consensus and running code

I have been fortunate because of past success, such as selling I-Way to UUNet. Two career families are difficult, especially when they must span an ocean, but it has given me the freedom to turn down opportunities such as being an early employee at Cisco, or CTO at Loral/Orion, in favor of family. 

Some favorite books: Coming of Age in the Milky Way ,  American Prometheus. and anything by Richard Feynman . Recommended reading: EM Rogers on the Communication of Innovation.