Computers and Networking

A few of my early computer and telecommunication projects:

  • Designed, built, and programmed computers and controller(s) from discrete TTL logic (home made computer, 1972).
  • Manufactured 50 microcomputers with my college roommate (before Apple), based on intel 8008 and 8080 chipsets (J&J 8080, 1975);
  • Developed a computer terminal for the blind with another roommate, (opticon terminal, 1977);
  • Designed and prototyped Z80 based local area network w/business plan to form a LAN company (NIB, 1979);
  • Designed and built PDP-11 Unibus X.25 network front end using WD2511 chips, 1980.
  • Not to mention many other crazy projects and hacks such as an I/O channel interface for the CDC 7600 supercomputer with another friend, microcomputer cross compilers and monitor software development, 8 port terminal multiplexer, home made FSK modems, trying to revive a surplus B52 X band radar, etc., and development of microcomputer controllers and interfaces for solid source mass spectrometers, to name a few.