1. Typical Services

My experience is most valuable in architecture and planning, where I can provide leadership in problem/project definition and functional requirements phases, identification of solutions and alternatives, comparison and recommendation of solution(s), and assistance with detailed specification and RFP writing or actual engineering attack.

I can also provide, if necessary, continuing support such as contract negotiation and oversight, deployment planning, and certain specialized day-to-day support and training for a new service or technology.

See the attached contract example for more details.

If necessary, I am able to assemble a team from seven long time colleagues (subject to availability) including three individuals who have extensive experience with Unix/Linux (two with > 27 yrs ea.), and others with talents ranging from BGP Internet routing, facility construction, to technical writing. These “Associates” normally establish autonomous contracts, and are paid directly by the client.

2. Typical Compensation

Daily Consulting (negotiable):

$750 per day of 8 hours or more in a 24 hour period for site visits, conferences, meetings, teaching, (½ days may be concatenated to form whole days)

$850 per day of 8 hours or more in a 24 hour period for direct participation in the clients work such as proposals, contracts, computer programming and preparation of written consulting recommendations and reports.. (½ days may be concatenated to form whole days)

$1,000 per month minimum payment for active contracts.

All out-of-pocket including travel, telecommunications, and equipment depreciation reimbursed at actual cost.

Benefits (health, vacation, social security, etc.) are included in the above consulting rates.

Client to indemnify consultant with respect to the clients projects and business.

Discount of 10% for monthly contract commitment.

Long term and/or exclusive arrangements:

Usually best handled by direct employment with full benefits and at a salary that is the average of others in the organization who have the same skills, rank and responsibility, but with no longevity commitments required.