Miscellaneous Consulting

As T. C. Jacobson & Associates: Has provided consulting or advice to many organizations in the US and Europe, including Intel, Control Data, IFREMER, Kontron AG, Ecole Polytechnique, CNEARC, U of Minnesota, Los Alamos Labs, Lamb & Co., US Army, Pixel Multimedia, Vympel-Moscow, NetSat Express, International Datacasting, SkyStream, Loral, and a major Internet retailer, as well as informally to many small businesses and schools.

1997: Selected by the EU as a “Technical Expert” to travel to Moscow and evaluate Russian ISPs. Authored a report recommending ways the EU could facilitate their success in ways compatible with US and EU policy and goals. (This was in the pre-Putin days, when we were all trying to help Russia become a true western style democracy… oops…)

2009: Satellite network proposal for One Laptop Per Child