Welcome to TC Jacobson & Associates

The following is partly a prospectus, and partly a history. Over the past 40+ years I have been involved in Internet and communications satellite development. I present here an overview of what I do, and who I am. 

In brief, I help develop, organize, and deploy advanced Internet and video infrastructure.


  • Founded and co-founded successful enterprises and services, including Minnesota Supercomputer Center Inc., Minnesota Regional Network, University of Minnesota Networking Services Department, and UUNet France (I-Way).
  • Involved with or led many significant Internet and satellite developments ranging from the Gopher browser, the Loral/Orion global DVB satellite system, and Tier 1 telco OTT video streaming services.
  • Years of participation in the standards and engineering process such as IEEE, IETF, NSF, and commercial forums such as NAB, IBC, Interop, and CES.
  • Hands-on technical and strategic leadership; often recognized for project and people management skills, as well as technical vision.
  • In-depth knowledge and resources for terrestrial and satellite based Internet services, advanced video compression, application layer forward error correction, adaptive bitrate OTT streaming, video content security, app based CPE hardware and software architecture, and related protocol standards.

Significant Work:

About me: